Easter Sunday Brings More People Into Church For Service

SPEARFISH, SD – The Spearfish United Methodist Church saw many faces it missed during the pandemic as it hosted the in-person Easter service this year.

Social distancing and masks are still present as more and more people get used to going out in public.

Dave and Brenda Swanson, members of The United Methodist Church, said, “It’s pretty cool to be in the sanctuary today. It was probably one of the biggest crowds we’ve seen. With people still kinda masked and that sort of thing that you know taking precautions and things. But you know, it was really cool to see this crowd. And on April 1, I feel like everything opens up and starts all over again. “

In the spirit of coming together for the Easter holidays, the church has also organized an Easter egg hunt for the children.

There were two different Easter egg hunts between the two Masses churches. There were seven children in each hunt and each child was able to obtain 21 eggs.

“Dave called me Sunday night and said it would be nice Easter Sunday, should we have an Easter egg hunt?” And I’m like uh yeah I’m in… so we did it at the last minute. Since it was last minute, we’ll be doing this Easter egg hunt often between services. This year we did one after every serve and I think it went really well, I liked it, ”said Brenda and Dave.

The church plans to host in-person services throughout the year and looks forward to doing the same for vacation services.

Alicia R. Rucker