Hidden Easter Eggs for Veteran Fans in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Pokemon has been around for decades. You don’t last long in the competitive entertainment industry without building a rich world filled with memorable creatures, characters, and game content. Over 900 completely unique Pokemon inhabit this world, complemented by 53 regional forms and counting.

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Even beyond the sheer magnitude of the National Dex, there’s so much more for newer entries to the series to tip their hats in respect. Easter eggs have long been a part of the Pokemon franchise, and Pokemon Legends: Arceus occupies a unique space in this highly successful setting by taking place many years before the rest of the games.

This allowed Game Freak to invoke many of its references in reverse order, as only the prequels can. By providing context for established aspects, developers can intelligently toe the line. But there are also things in Legends: Arceus that are clearly from the future of this game, some of which are more subtle than others.

We’ve compiled some of the best-kept crossover franchise secrets in gaming for your reading pleasure.

seven Kurt’s classic

Pokemon Legends Kurt Apricorn

In Legends: Arceus, Poke Balls aren’t just bought, they’re crafted. The game’s crafting system allows players to build dozens of them at a time, which is good because you’ll be throwing so many of these iconic little cages.

One of the main crafting materials involved in building Poke Balls is an Apricorn. Apricorns date back to Pokemon Gold & Silver, where a wise man named Kurt makes his own craft if the player hands him one of these dandy berries. The next day, he will give them one of his personalized Poke Balls.

Given that the events of Legends: Arceus take place roughly a century before any of the main titles, it seems that Hisui’s old Poke Ball plans live on through Kurt, even in an era where commercially produced balls are built on the assembly line.


6 That familiar old Kricketune

Kricketune Meme in Legends Arceus

There have been some unusual Pokémon calls over the years. Chatot’s whistle sounds oddly like a troll, and Eevee’s baby shards in Sword & Shield and the Let’s Go games cross the line from saccharine to silly. Zigzagoon looks like he’s laughing, growling and hungry all at the same time.

The multisyllabic Kricketune chant is probably the most famous of them all. Fans compared it to what they would expect to hear from aliens rather than anything on our planet, let alone a cricket.

Obviously, the good folks at Game Freak agree. An internet meme that has been around for a while now implies that someone is audaciously trying to spell this startling symphony. “Off-the-the-whooooooooooop” – no, we didn’t count and compare vowels, feel free to castigate – is the popular joke. The Alpha Kricketune encountered at the start of Legends: Arceus, along with a dialog echoing this meme, is proof positive that the devs are now in on the joke.

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5 Jubilife Village: The Regional Supercentre

Galactic HQ Pokemon Legends Arceus Easter Eggs

The most obvious reference to Jubilife Village is in the name itself. Jubilife Village is, without a doubt, the forerunner of Diamond & Pearl’s City of Jubilife. Over time, the upstart colony transforms into a hip, happening urban sprawl.

There’s more going on here than that, though. NPCs often reference other regions, including Kanto, where catching and battling Pokémon is already commonplace. Interestingly, Sinnoh is so behind the times and has fans wondering exactly when exactly the people of Kanto got into it themselves.

Even more beautifully, several Pokémon statues have been built atop Galaxy Hall. One of them is, in fact, Galarian hair removal. The odd nod to London factories had fans in stitches in Sword & Shield, and its reign continues in Hisui.

4 Magma, Aqua, Unova

Maxie Archie Legends Arceus Pokemon

It would be easy to list the fact that almost every unique NPC in the game seems to be someone’s ancestor. Commander Kamado belongs to Professor Rowan, Captain Cyllene bears an uncanny resemblance to Boss Cyrus, and Pesselle of the Medical Corps is possibly responsible for every Nurse Joy ever.

Tucked away at Diamond Camp and Pearl Camp are portraits of people who appear to be the ancestors of Archie and Maxie, respectively. It’s the guys with a bitter feud that leads Archie to attempt to create more oceans in the world and Maxie aiming for the same with the land. They are the main villains of Hoenn, and apparently their lineage has ties to the rival clans of Hisui.

Even Alder’s ancestor seems to be on board. The Unova Champion’s future likeness can be found at both fields.

3 On holiday abroad


Without going into spoilers, there was a pretty big pre-launch theory that Pokemon Legends: Time-Twisted Protagonists of Arceus, Akari or Rei as player chooses, are League winners Sinnoh, Dawn or Lucas . They are said to be a few years older than those championship-winning kids. the the physical similarities are striking. And the apparent case of amnesia is really rather convenient.

Regardless of this terrifyingly intriguing puzzle, the hero and heroine of Legends: Arceus are wearing something only eagle-eyed fans will notice. Rei’s shirt advertises the Kalos region, while Akari’s – seen above – is all about Alola.

Were these teenage adventurers vacationing in the Pokemon world equivalents of France and Hawaii when they were downed in time by Arceus himself? Touring multiple regions is a common thing for coaches, so it’s not unlikely. If so, this rude Hisuian awakening probably wasn’t on the brochure.

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2 Professor Arceus

Arceus unlocks cutscene legends

Pokemon Legends: Arceus has one of the most surprising opening sequences in the long-running series. You’re not a child waking up in a sleeping town, though the closed eyes on your character in the opening seconds here suggest you’re waking up, at least.

But what a thing to wake up to. The most divine Pokemon there is throws a phone at you and tells you to start your Pokemon journey. Wait a minute, does Arceus recite the lines traditional games give their teachers? Absolutely. It adds a few twists to the formula, but so does every teacher.

Is Arceus laughing? Is he doing this as some kind of joke? We are talking about a deity here. He must surely know that he is a bit on his nose. Still, there’s something odd about experiencing what’s largely word for word on the usual round, except this time with enough bright light and a space-like backdrop for players to feel. ask if they accidentally started Final Fantasy 14.

1 Are we the bad guys?

Cyrus as he appears in Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

Another one of those things that has an immediate and more considered element, Team Galaxy shares half of its name with Team Galactic. Even the game’s pre-order DLC lets you dress up in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl’s version of Team Galactic’s modern outfit.

This leads to significant speculation as to whether Galaxy Team descends through the decades into the infamous organization. What fewer fans in English-speaking countries know is that in Japanese, Italian, Spanish, and Chinese, Galaxy Team’s name is not Galaxy Team. It is Galactic Team.

With that in mind, it’s virtually impossible to argue that Team Galactic’s origins lie elsewhere. All in all, it’s an interesting anecdote; but when you consider how fearful the residents of Hisui Port are that Galaxy Team’s intentions aren’t entirely pure, it’s like the whole thing is a self-fulfilling prophecy. And that’s just wild.

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