In Your View: Easter eggs, bunny on the way | Opinion

April is just around the corner and Easter is the “mark” of April with many beautiful Easter symbols that are important to us today. It is the most important feast day in the Christian church celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The feast day is movable and always falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon of the vernal equinox, according to the calendar followed by Christians.

Some “table” discussions for Easter dinner may include lamb, Easter bread, colored eggs, hot rolls and of course the Easter bunny. The “egg” became a symbol of spring for our pre-Christian ancestors. It was the most startling event to see a new living creature emerge from an apparently dead object.

For others, it symbolizes the “rocky tomb” from which Christ came out to new life through the Resurrection.

Among Orthodox Christians, the faithful offer each other a crimson egg in honor of the “blood of Christ”. Others prepare and decorate eggs with many different colors. The Easter bunny that visits children on Easter morning was an invention of German Protestants, the “Osterhare” from “Easter Hare” brought brightly colored eggs and sweets to good children in the same way that Santa Claus brought gifts to well-behaved children.

The popular lamb symbolizes Jesus, “the lamb of God” who embodies purity and goodness but also represents the sacrifice and our “paschal lamb” according to the Bible. Sweet breads are also included on the menu along with hot rolls and for Orthodox Christians, a sweet bread is crowned with red eggs symbolizing the “blood of Christ”.

Kathleen Chamis


Alicia R. Rucker