Lightyear: 10 Easter Eggs You Missed In The Trailer

Star Command, come in, are you reading us? There no longer seems to be any sign that Buzz Lightyear is a toy, and the public is divided. Of them trailers were released for Pixar’s latest release, Light year, and it looks like audiences will take a very different view of a certain childhood hero. Buzz Lightyear captured the hearts of audiences when he first appeared on screen in 1995, and since then he has become an international animation icon.

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Buzz resonates with the internal struggles many of his fans may encounter. Viewers saw Buzz grapple with his new reality – becoming sentient in such a way as to discover that the life he thought he knew was a lie, a fabricated false sense of livelihood. Buzz tackles the fear of starting over, and in doing so, his wings might really unfold. Buzz is far from just a toy, and that’s more evident than ever with Buzz’s solo movie spin-off.

ten The reflection in Buzz’s helmet looks like the packaging of his toy

Buzz Lightyear packaging

Many notable things come from each of Light year’s trailers, this first example ties into a possible slight nod to Buzz’s humble beginnings. Within the shard of Buzz’s helmet is the silhouette of his ship, which shows that Buzz has completed his journey from toy to terrestrial, as the shape in the reflection is reminiscent of his toy’s packaging.

This is still the packaging used for Buzz to this day. Perhaps this is more of a “who came first” scenario; the ship or the package?

9 There’s no name at the bottom of her shoe

Another point to confirm that this version of Buzz is his is that there is no “Andy” (or “Bonnie”) on the bottom of his right foot. Knowing Disney, they may have assumed that sharp-eyed people would try to see if this remnant of his past would still exist.

Sadly, that’s not the case, at least not from this little preview given. Throughout the trailers, Buzz can be seen in several different outfits, who’s to say there isn’t a nod to his toy in other guises?

8 Zurg emerges once again

Emperor Zurg in Toy Story and Lightyear

Perhaps the biggest reveal of the trailer is the inclusion of Zurg as the villain. It wouldn’t be surprising after their history together, they are sworn enemies and parodically father and son after all. Zurg was introduced in toy story 2and though his screen time was brief, Zurg played a pivotal role in Buzz’s development, whether through the movies, or even in Star Command’s Buzz Lightyearhis animated series.

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This new iteration of Zurg is certainly a much more terrifying foe to his dumber counterpart. His glowing red eyes and cannonball weapon remain the same, but one thing is for sure, the smile is gone and he remains a serious threat to all of Star Command.

7 The Luxo lamp is in the stars

As Buzz finally makes his long-awaited liftoff into space, a constellation can be seen in the form of Pixar’s mascot, Luxo. Luxo’s origin dates back to 1986 when he made his debut in the animated short, Luxo Jr., Luxo and his adorable, stomp-loving titular offspring have created a timeless classic, all in the span of 2 minutes.

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The short film was even nominated for an Oscar. It has since become a Pixar staple, with the Luxo lamp as its icon. As Buzz soars through the sky, it’s nice to see the stars still shining with this Easter egg. In the quiet serenity of space, one can appreciate how far a lamp can peak at this point in time.

6 Several Rangers wear the infamous Buzz costume

Buzz has a brand new space team. It also looks like Buzz’s original costume is not only getting an upgraded start, but his teammates adorn this powerful costume as well. This may break the hearts of those who wished to see some semblance of his former crew in the aforesaid. Star Command’s Buzz Lightyear animated series; however, this group of rookies seem ready to tackle any task.

With the voice acting talents of Taika Waititi, Uzo Aduba and Efren Ramirez, to name a few, it will be packed with stars.

5 David Bowie’s “Starman” is the trailer song

David Bowie live

In both versions of Light year trailer, a cinematic rendition of David Bowie’s 1972 classic “Starman” can be heard. Lyrically, the song provides just enough context to the situations Buzz finds himself in. A kind of savior leading the people to a new frontier.

In this 2022 version, the song is given different layers, making it distant and timeless, much like Bowie himself. Likewise, Light year offers the comfort of familiarity while creating its own imprint. It sets an almost haunting tone to the film’s otherwise friendly demeanor.

4 Toy unboxes a toy

Buzz unboxes Sox & Woody unboxes Jesse

In many ways, Buzz shows the audience that he is no toy, there seems to be an almost complete moment, as a new sidekick for the galactic hero is revealed. Sox is a “personal companion robot” as he puts it, and accompanies Buzz on his missions.

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Buzz can be seen unboxing the adorable robot kitten. Some may immediately think of the similarity in toy story 2, where Woody, Jessie, Bullseye, and Prospector Pete were to be shipped to Japan to become part of a museum’s collection. It’s a small moment, with big meta consequences, an old toy unboxing a new friend.

3 New technology, crystalline fusion?

A few examples of space-age technology are used by Star Command, the most impressive of which is the fuel source for their spacecraft. New ERIC robotic units help rangers harness a kind of crystalline energy. It can even represent a call back to the first toy story movie in which Buzz asks Woody, “Are you still using fossil fuels, or have you discovered crystalline fusion?”

There’s also the use of sonic blade technology, in which Ranger Izzy Hawthorne slashes an alien tentacle that wraps around Buzz’s legs and drags him over the rough terrain. These crystals seem to provide incredible energy and are an invaluable resource on an alien planet.

2 There are several movie references

In the trailer are potential references to other film franchises, including star wars. The connection between star wars and toy story is not new, the whole opening sequence of toy story 2 was the battle between Luke and Darth Vader in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (Episode V). Perhaps another subtle nod to the relatively recent acquisition of lucasfilm by Disney, and the expansion of Star Wars properties into theme parks could be the launch bay.

Naturally, that could be considered a stretch because after all, they’re space rangers and need to have a place to launch a plane, but it’s too convenient to think otherwise. The references to Wall-Ewith new assistance robots in the desert of a planet, and 2001: A Space Odysseywith cold red-eyed robots, and the light-speed color sequence that appears on Buzz’s helmet can be deduced.

1 Buzz’s blood type is O positive.

This entry is just a fun note to end on, especially for those who keep score and follow the continuity of all Pixar films. It is revealed by dog ​​tags on Buzz’s neck that his blood type is O positive. It’s interesting information to digest, on the one hand it provides fans with a gold nugget of Disney trivia, on the other hand it provides an almost grim reality that now the famous space cadet has the ability to be fallible, which given all the new situations Buzz finds himself in, it’s not that easy to want to ditch the plastic exterior.

Maybe most people started the journey with Buzz and his friends 27 years ago, and it’s even more likely that some are just getting dressed up and starting their journey, whatever, Light year bridges the gap and will take audiences to infinity and beyond on June 17, 2022.

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