Matrix 4 Alternate Name Zion Has 3 Hidden Easter Eggs

In one of the more nuanced nods to the original trilogy, Zion’s replacement from The Matrix 4 contains three hidden easter eggs via its layered name.

In a clever act of frank symmetry, The Matrix 4Zion’s alternate name contains three hidden easter eggs. Back in the Matrix world some 18 years later The matrix revolutionsLana Wachowski’s latest offer has audiences divided, with The Matrix Resurrections‘ strong distribution performance at odds with a sometimes jarring storyline. However, despite a resolutely mixed critical reception, The Matrix Resurrections undoubtedly acts as a love letter to its franchise, with Wachowski’s film littered with hidden details, easter eggs and callbacks to the original Matrix trilogy.

In the first three Matrix installments, the last bastion of human civilization was Zion. In real life, the original Zion was an ancient Hebrew city often used as a synonym for Jerusalem, with Neo’s (Keanu Reeves) return as The One likely a thinly veiled reference to his status as the messiah of the Matrix cannon. If Sion survives the onslaught of the machines at the end of The matrix revolutionsit was replaced by the idyllic Io in The Matrix Resurrections and instead acts as a shining example of humans and machines co-existing peacefully outside of the Matrix.


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In The Matrix ResurrectionsZion’s replacement contains three glittering Easter eggs reminiscent of the original Matrix trilogy. The first is its spelling, Io being Sion without beginning or end, which refers to the famous quote from the Oracle “Everything that has a beginning has an end” – thus implying that the utopian city of Io will be endless in Matrix cannon. Second, Io is also number two in binary code (when read as 10), which represents Io being the second Machine City to exist. Third and finally, Io being number two in binary represents that in The Matrix ResurrectionsNeo and Trinity are both The One as a couple.

Machine City in Matrix Resurrections

In The matrix revolutionsthe Oracle said to Neo, “Everything that has a beginning has an end.” Although this line was originally meant to indicate his willingness to allow the perpetual cycle of the Matrix of Agent Smith’s (Hugo Weaving) hand to end, it takes on greater significance when looked at through the prism of The Matrix Resurrections parcel. Io being literally the middle part of the word Zion, it shows that as Io has no beginning, neither will it have an end, indicating that the new human city will survive for eternity. This is particularly poignant in the context of The Matrix Resurrections‘ narrative and subsequent release, with many audiences believing Resurrections will be the last Matrix film canonically.

The Easter egg layers with Io don’t end there, however, with the name Io also being a nod to the code that became an iconic part of the original. Matrix the image of the trilogy. Io therefore acts in binary code as a signifier for the second city of machines – as well as a glaring clue to The Matrix Resurrections‘ final. Neo and Trinity represent The One as a pair (two), further reflecting Io’s prescient name. The Matrix 4 may not be a perfect piece of cinema in many ways, but its symmetry with previous Matrix the payouts nonetheless make it a joy to behold.

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