‘Moon Knight’ Directors Tease Secret Easter Eggs in Two Episodes

The second and fourth episodes of “Moon Knight” will have an Easter egg that directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead thought Marvel Studios would cut from the series, the directors told Deseret News.

Driving the news: Benson and Moorhead told me that there were a number of production meetings before the show was filmed where the cast and crew pitched different ideas for the show.

  • One of the elements that was thrown in – and carried over into the series – was the appearance of an animal.

What they said: “There was one animal in particular – a type of animal that Justin and I were determined to put in our two episodes. Both,” Moorhead said. “And you know what’s crazy about that. Marvel fought for them to stay.

  • “Instead of saying, ‘Why are you obsessed with this animal?’ We actually saw that they were like, ‘No, it’s, it’s okay that stays. We’re saving it for you.’ It was very nice of them.”

The bigger picture: Benson said the show had a number of personal touches that showed off the creativity of everyone involved.

  • “It’s something that was just so enjoyable,” Benson said.
  • “It was such a pleasant surprise that you could do something on this scale,” he said. “And that a lot of people’s personal thoughts, personal ideas, personal experiences of their lives could end up in this giant production.”

Alicia R. Rucker