New Vision Youth Helps Easter Bunny Bring Joy to Preschoolers | New

KINGSPORT – Instead of putting all the Easter eggs in one basket this year, the Easter Bunny shared them with preschoolers at Kingsport Child Development Center and Girls, Inc. last week.

More than 100 children gathered around the giant bunny as it made its way through their hearts. A few dozen Easter eggs did not interfere with the process.

The Easter Bunny Says Some Very Bright Kids’ Question # 1 was, “Who is in that bunny costume?” But that question was quickly forgotten once the colorful Easter eggs began to circulate.

For over 14 years, New Vision Youth has organized an Easter Egg Hunt for Seniors at the Kingsport Renaissance Center in cooperation with the Kingsport Senior Center. The COVID-19 pandemic has canceled the event for the past two years.

This year, however, the Easter Bunny would not be turned down as it brought a little joy and love to the tradition of sharing Easter eggs, but instead of the elderly, 3 preschoolers. at 5 years were the recipients. Many older people have not failed, however. The rabbit also visited several houses to spread some joy.

By the way, the identity of the Easter Bunny was indeed kept a secret from preschoolers, but we’re going to tell you a secret: it was none other than New Vision Youth Director Johnnie Mae Swagerty!

Fortunately, “pulling a bunny out of a hat” wasn’t difficult during the Easter holidays in particular, and for preschoolers receiving Easter eggs from a giant bunny, it was a great way to go. to continue the tradition!

Alicia R. Rucker