Pokémon Legends Arceus: 10 Best Easter Eggs

The recently published Pokemon Legends: Arceus is overflowing with tons of Easter eggs and Pokemon lore for fans old and new to discover and enjoy. The prequel’s massive open-world story and improved lore provide neat connections between the ancient region of Hisui and the greater Pokemon universe.

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Unlike its predecessors, Pokemon Legends: Arceus is a game that takes place in the past and provides many interesting details about the history of the world of Pokemon, as well as explanations of how certain things happened. From the origins of the great Pokemon groups with multiple glimpses of the future, Pokemon Legends: Arceus has something interesting for every fan to discover on their journey.

ten The legend of the sea

Where to find and catch Manaphy in Pokémon Legends Arceus Manaphy Encounter

Although it looks like a simple side quest, “The Sea Legend” is actually a nice little Easter egg for Pokemon Legends: Arceus two predecessors: Pokemon Shiny Diamond and Shiny Pearl. In these games, a book can be found of the same name which details the specific way the player must complete the quest.

This easter egg supports the popular fan theory that Legends: Arceus is a direct sequel to the fourth generation remakes, and is a fantastic way to tie all three games together, as well as expand the Pokemon world traditions and history.

9 Galarian hair removal

Galarian Weezing in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Pokemon latest eighth generation includes the Pokémon Sword and Shield games and focuses on the England-inspired Galar region, and features some “Galarian” forms of some well-known fan-favorite Pokémon – including the poison gas Pokémon, Weezing. This Pokémon can be found as a statue on a building in the slowly evolving Jubilife Village.

Weezing is highly regarded by fans as having one of the best crafted regional forms, inspired by Britain’s Industrial Revolution, which could have happened in Galar at the same time as Hisui. This Easter egg is an interesting connection, helping to develop Pokemon history beyond Hisui to include other regions as well.


8 Kricketune’s Onomatopoeia

Alpha Kricketune in Pokemon Legends Arceus

This delicious Easter egg recognizes a popular meme in the Pokemon community, solely based on sounds produced by Kricketune. As part of the story, players must encounter and battle an alpha Kricketune, who upon encounter surprisingly yells “De-le-le-woooooooooooooop!” in a pop-up dialog.

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For any casual player, this might seem like a throwaway line. However, for most Pokemon fans, this is a hilarious reference to a famous Pokemon meme based on Kricketune’s melodic alien scream, where a fan hilariously tried to spell Kricketune’s funny scream. The developers earned extra brownie points for this Easter egg, showing they’re in on the joke and listening to the community.

seven Magma and Aqua Team Leaders

Paintings of Maxie and Archie in Legends Arceus

In the Diamond and Pearl Camps that can be discovered in Legends: Arceus, three paintings can be found in each camp. In both camps, a painting of Aulne’s ancestor, Unova’s Pokémon champion, can be found, alongside Team Magma’s ancestor Leader Maxie in Camp Diamond, and Team Aqua’s ancestor Leader Archie in Camp Pearl.

Maxie and Archie are the main villains of Hoenn and hate each other. Maxine wishes to use the legendary Groudon to create more land, and Archie wishes to use the legendary Kyogre to create more oceans. This stunning Easter egg pays homage to the legacy of Pokemonas well as creates potential Pokemon Legends game based on Hoenn’s epic backstory.

6 Kurt’s Apricorn Pokeballs

Pokémon Legends Arceus - Every New Feature Revealed at Pokémon Presents Crafting Poke Balls

In Pokemon: Gold and Silver, players can encounter a comrade named Kurt on their journey, who asks the player to bring him apricorns. The next day, if the player were to return to Kurt, they would receive one of his custom-crafted Poké Balls, closely resembling the Poké Balls players can craft using apricorns in Legends: Arceus.

It’s a fantastic Easter egg that connects the two Pokemon then and now, explaining how Kurt knew how to make a Poké Ball out of an Apricorn – because that’s how they were made back then Pokemon beginnings of the world.

5 Player’s clothes

Pokemon Legends Trainers Arceus

One of the greatest mysteries of Pokemon Legends: Arceus is the player’s origin, due to his amnesia. At the start of the game, the legendary Pokémon Arceus rips the trainer out of its own time and sends it to the oldest point we’ve seen in Pokemon the story so far.

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Despite Pokemon In many regions, the coach’s clothes could indicate where they come from – because it’s a subtle easter egg. Akari’s shirt indicates she was transported from Alola, while Rei’s shirt indicates he was transported from Kalos. These two regions were first seen on the Nintendo 3DS and remind us of just how much the world of Pokemon is really.

4 The ancestors

Ancestors in Arceus legends

Besides the creatures the Pokémon franchise is well known for, there are tons of important characters, and Legends: Arceus has some of the friendliest. Interestingly, many of the characters players encounter throughout their journey look remarkably like those from the future. Pokemon characters from the series and often have similar roles as well.

All of these characters act as easter eggs that reference the future of Pokemon and honor his legacy. Legends: Arceus is significantly different from others Pokemon games, because it’s so much more lore-based, so fans are even more dedicated to learning more about Pokemon history, so finding connections to ancestors is both satisfying and exciting.

3 Are we the bad guys?

Team Galaxy in Arceus Legends

Relatively early in the game, long Pokemon fans will be wary of the Galaxy Expedition Team for their striking resemblance to Sinnoh’s evil Team Galactic.

This Easter Egg Could Prove We’re Seeing Team Galactic’s Ancient Origin Story In Legends: Arceus, and how they went from kind-hearted research group to their twisted desire to recreate the Pokémon universe. Moreover, their leader, Commander Kamado, bears a striking resemblance to Diamond and Pearl Professor Rowan, who further supports the idea that Galaxy Team’s destiny is to become one of Pokemon the most evil teams.

2 Sinnoh Temple

Sinnoh Temple

One of the best Easter eggs in Legends: Arceus is a prominent landmark known as the Temple of Sinnoh, where the player fights either Palkia or Dialga depending on which clan they have decided to join. During this battle, the temple is largely destroyed, becoming the modern spear pillar of Diamond and Pearl.

This Easter egg finally explains one of the Pokemon greatest mysteries and massively expands on the lore surrounding Sinnoh and its superpowered legendaries. Of all Pokemon Legends: Arceus revelations about traditions, it is one of the most important and gives hope that the future Pokemon games can explore other mysteries.

1 City of Floarama

Legends Arceus trainer in action

In one of Pokemon Legends: Arceus the biggest easter eggs, a literal Pokemon legend can be discovered by the player in Floaro Garden. In Diamond and Pearlthe player can come across a beautiful plot of power in the city of Floarama, however, it comes with a dark story – no flower could ever grow here, and no one knew why.

This is seen in Pokemon Legends: Arceuswhere a patch in the same spot may be found full of faded flowers, which exactly replicate the conditions set forth in Diamond and Pearl. It’s an amazing easter egg, because not only does it act as a link between the games, but it also demonstrates that some Pokemon the legends could indeed be true, which opens the door to tons of exciting future possibilities.

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