Pune: In the middle of the sidewalks, a lot to mark Easter Sunday at home

For Philip Marcelline (62), resident of Marvel Diva, Magarpatta, Easter Sunday will include the celebration of the liturgy and a big party with his big family. Eric Paul D’Souza, pediatrician and Elaine Pinto, home baker by leisure, from Wanowrie plan to attend the virtual vigil service organized by their church, as religious places remain closed for seven days in accordance with new measures announced by the district administration.

“I have a big family and we will be celebrating Easter Sunday at home. Although we are sad, we will still miss the community Easter celebrations which are more lively, but nonetheless, we are not worried or scared. We have been fasting since Good Friday and will break the fast with a big feast, the morning after reading the Bible. The whole family participated in the preparations, ”said Marcelline.

Meanwhile, D’Souza said that while the circumstances are very different, they want to celebrate Easter in the same spirit. He said the restrictions provide an opportunity to celebrate among families, albeit on a much smaller scale.

“Normally we have the Easter Vigil and this is also the time when parents tell their children the meaning of Easter. We will have a little vigil and a celebration of the liturgy and tell about the reading normally done in church, as we do not have a religious service for us. If a church is hosting a virtual service, we will attend because the full service cannot be held at home, ”he said.

Bishop Thomas Dabre has said that as a sign of the church’s loyalty to civic authority and government, they will follow all the rules and no Easter services will be held inside the church. Instead, priests can organize a virtual service that people can access online.

“For us believers, this is the most important and best time of the Christian year. People come for worship during Holy Week, that is, from last Monday to Easter Sunday, and therefore there is great sadness, distress and disappointment among the people. The situation is just a repeat of last year. We wasted our chances by lowering our guards, and now we are paying the price. On Good Friday we had less than 50 people but for Easter the churches will be closed for the well-being of the population, ”he said.

Pinto (27) has been making Easter eggs out of a quiet interest in baking and confectionery for five years. Every year she also introduces a new variety. While she averaged 900 Easter egg pre-orders each year, this time around she is around 500.

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“Pre-orders are down 20-30% from 2019. Last year I didn’t have any orders because the lock was already in place, so it’s okay. I usually get orders from churches as well as individuals as they give Easter eggs to family and friends. But since people no longer go out and hesitate to buy from a third party. The new curfew rules also make it difficult for deliveries to the city, ”she said.

She explained that the egg symbolizes rebirth and that people give it to their loved ones. “It’s something sweet and fascinating, like a gift. People, especially those with children, want to give them Easter eggs. I received an order from a lady who has Covid and who wanted Easter eggs for her children, ”Pinto said.

Founded in 1937, Murthy Confectionery and Bakery in Somwar Peth is famous for its chocolate Easter eggs with two chocolate chicks. In light of the low attendance and looming apprehension of the virus, the bakery made fewer eggs.

“Compared to last year, we made fewer Easter eggs because there was a very low sale and a lot of eggs were wasted due to the pandemic. This time only regular customers were present in our store. In fact, even after making the store available for online deliveries, we’ve only had one order of six eggs so far. We started our Easter egg production a month ago, and on Maundy Thursday we usually have warm cross buns. But this time around, we didn’t, ”said one employee.

Alicia R. Rucker