SBS language | The choice of Filipino families to celebrate Easter Sunday

Strong points

  • Many Filipinos are used to a quiet Holy Week, commemorating Jesus’ death and resurrection.
  • Every Easter Sunday, many gather to rejoice in the celebration.

  • In the midst of the pandemic, besides the Christian faith, this year’s celebration is also centered on family and hope.

Maria Hall (front) with her family and cousins.

Provided by Jhaine Estorque

Maria Hall, 6, Brighton-le-sands NSW

Maria Hall can’t wait to bond with her cousins ​​this Easter Sunday.

“For me, the Easter holidays are a time to spend with my family. We drove to Goulbourn to be with our family. My mother and father told me a story about the suffering of Jesus, which he has. fact, the price he paid for it and his resurrection.

On Easter Sunday we will have breakfast with my family. My cousins ​​and I will run around the garden to find Easter eggs hidden in the garden. After that we will go to church to celebrate the rebirth of Jesus. We will continue to celebrate Easter by decorating cookies and playing board games. “

Easter Sunday

Jerlyn Rama (in blue jacket) is anxiously awaiting his family ties this Easter weekend.

Rhodora Williams Facebook

Jerlyn Rama, 13, Blacktown NSW

Family is also at the center of Jerlyn Rama’s Easter Sunday celebration.

“For this weekend we plan to go to the beach. But usually every Easter we would usually go to mum’s friends and celebrate there.

But this weekend we are planning to have a family day out. Looking forward to the Easter egg – eating chocolate, haven’t eaten chocolate in a while. I spent time with my family as we have been busy for quite some time.

Usually every time I do an Easter egg hunt it’s with my aunt and we would go to someone’s house and do it. “


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