Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Easter Eggs and Reference Guide

Echidna story

The loving Easter egg from the first film expands in this film as we learn more about Knuckles’ people, the Echidnas. Knuckles explains that his people were in an age-old battle with the owls for the Master Emerald, which the latter had hidden.

The appearance of echidnas comes straight from Sonic Adventure, complete with the vaguely Mayan aesthetic. The fact that Knuckles has a father is one that was explored in the Archie Sonic comics, though it should be noted that his father in the film is clearly not directly based on this character who was more of a scientist and all around Knuckles’ dick.


When Sonic is left alone for the weekend, he and the family dog ​​cause all sorts of mayhem and mayhem. When things calm down however, Sonic asks what they should be watching but clarifies that “I’m not watching snow dogs Again. This movie is the WORSSSSSSSTTTT.

This is a reference to a famous phrase uttered by a character Ben Schwartz (voice of Sonic) played on Parks and Recreation, John Ralphio. He pronounces it at about the same cadence here.

Interestingly, this was also referenced in Sonic’s guest role in an episode of the Cartoon Network series. OK KO! There, the line was said by then-current Sonic actor, Roger Craig Smith, and referred to (the then recently cast as Sonic) Schwartz. The circle is complete !

Unlike Sonic, Knuckles isn’t kidding

A running gag throughout the movie has Sonic making his trademark jokes to Knuckles, who informs him that he’s not very good at telling jokes. It may be exaggerated, but the famous Knuckles rap of Sonic Adventure, “Unknown from ME” contains the following lyrics: “Unlike Sonic, I don’t laugh, I prefer to flex my muscles. Knuckles didn’t laugh, so of course he wouldn’t laugh at Sonic’s jokes. (This ignores the fact that one of the first things he does in his original Sega Genesis video game appearance’ sonic the hedgehog 3 it’s mocking Sonic but maybe it was more of a taunt?)

We recently spoke with Jeff Fowler, director of the two live-action Sonic movies, and had to know if it was an intentional reference. He shyly dodged the question by simply stating, “I don’t want to confirm or deny. I think the fun is in the mystery. I’ll just leave it ambiguous.

You can’t hide the truth forever, Fowler! Soon we’ll recognize that Knuckles isn’t laughing in the movie canon!


In the midst of the live-action wedding plot detour in the movie, we get a major Sonic reference. The government group tasked with taking down and capturing Sonic? This is GUN: Guardian Units of Nations. They first appeared in Sonic Adventure 2 and were a global military group created to protect Earth from danger. With Sonic and the gang running around, they were pretty busy.

Alicia R. Rucker