Spider-Man No Way Home: 10 Best MCU Easter Eggs

With a premise involving the multiverse and rumors swirling online, fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of Spider-Man: No Path Home to see all of the references, callbacks, and Easter eggs the movie would contain. While there are many references to previous Sony movies and Spider-Man comics, there are also tons of awesome Easter Eggs specifically related to the MCU.

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Some of these Easter eggs are callbacks to elements from the previous MCU Spider Man films such as The Return of Damage Control and The Explanation of Nick Fury’s Location, while others are references to the larger MCU continuity as an advertisement for Rogers: the musical and a bartender recapping the Infinity Saga to a confused Eddie Brock.


Rogers: music ads

Hawkeye Rogers The Musical

Earlier in the film, as Peter walks through New York City, a digital commercial for Rogers: the musical is visible in the background. Introduced in Hawk Eye, the musical is a ridiculous and often inaccurate account of Captain America’s history, including the Battle of New York.

The initial scene and the full musical number of the scene after the credits of Hawk Eye are a hilarious reference to the history of the MCU and Broadway’s track record of less than accurate musicals based on real people and events. It’s a flashing Easter egg and you’ll miss it, but fun for fans who are able to catch it.


Dum e in Iron Man

When Happy invites Peter to stay at his home, there are several visual reminders to the Iron Man series featuring the return of DUM-E, Tony Stark’s oft-maligned robot assistant. The robot can be seen in several scenes at Happy’s house.

DUM-E is a fan favorite character who has some great comedic moments in Iron Man. It’s touching and heartbreaking to learn that Happy took over the less than competent assistant after his friend’s death. It’s a fun nod to the past and a sweet revelation about Happy’s continued service to Tony.

Limit the damage

Created by Tony Stark after the Battle of New York, the Department of Damage Control helps clean up after the Avengers. As part of their responsibilities, they interrogate Peter and his friends following Mysterio’s accusations.

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Damage Control has already played an important role in the Spider Man films, contributing to the creation of Vulture and his criminal network, so it’s fitting that they return for this film and continue to build their presence in the MCU, especially with the decline of SHIELD.

Wong in charge

Benedict Wong as Wong in Spider Man No Way Home

When fans saw Wong using portals to travel to Macau to fight at a fixed underground fight club in Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings, some wondered why and how he had been able to use his powers in this way. In No way home, the answer becomes clear when it is revealed that Wong assumed the title of Sorcerer Supreme because Doctor Strange was scolded.

With this newfound authority, Wong is apparently able to abuse his power for his own benefit. While this reveal doesn’t have any major implications for this movie, it’s a fun nod to Strange’s journey and a logical explanation for Wong’s illicit activity in Shang-Chi.

New Statue of Liberty

During the movie, No way home Repeatedly honors the MCU’s past by showing the different ways that fallen or retired heroes have been remembered. Perhaps the most notable example of this comes from the film revealing that Captain America’s shield is added to the Statue of Liberty.

Considering the significant role Captain America played in this universe’s version of history, including his service in WWII and the life-saving fights against the Avengers’ biggest villains like Thanos and Loki, it’s a fitting tribute to a beloved character and a fun reminder of MCU history.

Midtown High mural

Abraham Erskine Tells Steve Rogers About The Nature Of Power In Captain America

As Peter walks through swarms of protesters to school and faces the scrutiny of his own teachers on the way to class, in the background of the school a mural commemorates the historically significant contributors to education and technology. In addition to real characters like Albert Einstein, the mural features MCU characters like Howard Stark and Abraham Erskine.

It’s a creative Easter egg that gives credit to some of the most overlooked but greatest characters in the world. Captain America and Iron Man films while continuing to illustrate how the MCU has shaped the history of this universe.

Nick Fury off the planet

Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury in Spider-Man Far From Home

The big twist of the end credits scene Spider-Man: Far From Home revealed that while Peter thought he had interacted with Nick Fury, it was really Talos the Skrull the whole time and Nick Fury was commanding a Skrull ship in space. This becomes important as Peter tries to use Fury to corroborate his story on Mysterio, only to be told that Fury has been off the planet for some time.

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While the line is quick to throw away, it helps eliminate a potential plot hole and educates Peter on some important information the audience already knew. While Fury’s exploits in space will likely be explored later, this reference at least begins to fill in some of the details about who knows where he is.

Arc reactor

Iron Man Arc Reactor Close Up

Tony Stark has been instrumental in both personal life and Peter’s development as a superhero, so it’s only fitting that there are several references to Stark and his inventions. One of the most notable references comes when Peter tries to use an arc reactor to control his powers, prompting Doctor Octopus to notice that it is the power of the sun in the palm of his hand.

While the movie could have invented a generic device to aid Electro, the decision to use an Arc Reactor is a big nod to Stark and how the Arc Reactor was a game-changer in this universe. After everything Stark has done to help Peter become a hero, the use of the Arc Reactor depicts him helping Peter save the day once again, even after his death.

Recap of the Infinity Saga

In the credits scene, Eddie Brock is shown trying to make sense of the new universe he suddenly finds himself in. As part of this, the bartender tells him about the Avengers, Thanos, and the Infinity Stones, recapping the major events that recently happened in the MCU.

The scene is a funny recognition of how overkill and fantastic the franchise has become. For fans of the films, the interconnected mythology and continuity are selling points of the MCU, but for outsiders, like Eddie Brock, this can be a lot to try to keep up with.

What if…?

Doctor Strange in What if episode 9

Rather than including a traditional after-credits scene, No way home ends with a trailer for the next one Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Fans were quick to point out all of the Easter Eggs, references, and potential story rhythms shown in the trailer with the teasing of, what appears to be, Strange Supreme, which has already been featured in. What if…?

Strange Supreme was the star of What if…? with many fans wanting to see him in live-action. It remains to be seen what happens to the character, but for now, it’s an exciting reference that will keep fans talking until the film’s release. In a movie full of Easter eggs and surprise character appearances, it’s only fitting that No way home ends with this tease from another surprise comeback.

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