The Easter bunny is on the way | Across Indiana

Throughout this month, Christy Sommers is stuffing hundreds of Easter eggs for her Egg Your House Easter Delivery business which she started six years ago.

The Brownsburg resident saw something similar in a Texas social media post and noticed no one in the area was providing the service.

“I started with an egg in your house and it grew,” Sommers said. “Every year I add something different. Besides eggs, I’ve made Easter baskets, Frisbees…this year it’s a bubble wand and if you want to buy extra wands, it’s is also an option.

Sommers offers several packages. Having 30 eggs hidden in your yard costs $40, and packages are increasing to 150 eggs for $130. She also has eggs for teens and adults that include Chapstick, socks, and $1-2 Amazon gift certificates.

“I think it’s definitely for convenience,” Sommers said. “Parents with children are very busy and I get so many compliments because the parents enjoy it as much as the children. They also don’t know where the eggs are hidden, so it’s a surprise for them too.

Growing up, Sommers took the time to add a little something extra.

Every customer receives a sign in the front yard that the Easter Bunny has been there, a letter from the Easter Bunny is left at the front door, the eggs are filled with quality toys, stickers, tattoos temporaries and branded packaged candies.

As one can imagine, stuffing hundreds of eggs for clients in Hendricks County, Zionsville and Whitestown requires the Sommers to stay extremely organized.

She has a system in place for families to alert the bunny that it is in the right home and, just like Santa Claus, magic happens overnight.

“My whole family helps me. I have kids in their twenties and we have several drivers going out this Saturday night,” Sommers said. “I get orders for the previous weekend, for Palm Sunday, but the majority are for Easter morning.”

Although she is accepting orders until last week, some packages will sell out. At some point, the time needed to prepare the order will exceed the time Sommers has in a day.

“Right now, I’m stuffing eggs. I buy a lot of eggs after Easter the year before and I have the toys, but I buy the fresh candy and I still have a lot to do,” Sommers said. “I also have several companies working with me. I get coupons for Ice Barn for a free slushie and coupons for pizza.

All in all, it’s fun to see the faces of the children on Easter morning.

Sommers and his team return home in the early hours of Easter morning and soon begin to receive photos and videos of happy families.

“I love the videos and the photos. It’s so cute to see them go by,” Sommers said. “We’re all exhausted and half asleep and it’s worth it.”

Sommers plans to expand as she moves forward. She has supplies for birthday party hunts, glow-in-the-dark nighttime hunts, and all the flamingos needed to flamingo a front yard in honor of a special birthday or anniversary.

Once the Easter mayhem is over, she’ll start advertising additional options throughout the year.

To order your own Egg Your House experience, visit Facebook at Egg Your House – Delivery and click on the Google order form. Customers can also text Sommers at 317-258-6321.

Alicia R. Rucker