The Easter Bunny Makes a Special Appearance in Fairy Meadow | Illawarra Mercury

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Usually the Easter Bunny appears in the middle of the night and leaves without being seen. Its presence can only be detected by the chocolate eggs it leaves in its wake, or the occasional nibble carrot. This year, however, the Easter Bunny made an unconventional appearance in Fairy Meadow. When he learned that the annual Fairy Meadow Easter Egg Hunt had been canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions, Mr. E Bunny decided the local kids deserved an extra treat. Read more: 17 Cool Things To Do In Illawarra During School Holidays With the help of a team of special assistants from One Agency Real Estate, he made his way down Balgownie Road, passing Alexander Street, Breda Steet, Brian Street and Balfour Street before turning onto Lawson Street, where six-year-old William Douglas and his brother Sam were waiting. William and Sam wore specially purchased rabbit ears. “I’ve been waiting all week,” said William. The energy in the street as Mr. E Bunny came into view, heralded by the ringing of bells, was palpable. William was not disappointed – not only did he meet the rabbit in question, he also received several high-fives. The procession continued along Tobruk Avenue and Balmoral Street to Hopewood Crescent, where Indie Mutch, 12, and Matilda Mutch, 4, waited patiently. Read more: Former Killalea manager says park is ‘run down’ Fortunately the Easter Bunny has an unlimited supply of eggs and was just as generous to the children of Hopewood Crescent as he had been on Lawson Street. Spokeswoman for Mr E Bunny, Joanne Danckwardt, said he was blown away by the patience and politeness of the children of Fairy Meadow. Although he didn’t sleep, Mr. E Bunny was a class act – he said the smiles of all the kids who came out helped him hold on. We hope he can get up and enjoy some fermented carrot juice before he begins his preparations for next year. We depend on subscription revenues to support our journalism. If you can, subscribe here. If you are already a subscriber, thank you for your support.


Alicia R. Rucker