Werewolves Easter eggs spotted; The state of life of the werewolf is happening?

There’s a new trailer for “The Sims 4,” a preview of things to come this summer. But for savvy fans who were able to watch it, they noticed something different and perhaps a familiar state of life making a comeback.

In the trailer shown on Twitter titled “This Season There’s No More Light”, a Sim could be seen scrolling through channels on a TV late at night.

At one point in the video, there was one where an unknown world with an island at the water’s edge and the full moon above could be seen. There were also howls that were heard – one reason the ability to see the werewolf’s life state might return to “The Sims 4”.

For now, it would be best to take this with a grain of salt. Fans have been calling on game developer Maxis to add the werewolf state for quite some time now.

For those who have played the life simulation game in the past, “The Sims” has added an alternate life state that was part of some expansion packs.

Since 2014, “The Sims” has released multiple life states, focusing on releasing game packs rather than expansions.

The move didn’t sit well with “The Sims” fans, and part of that led to demand. Now with the new trailer players are hoping to see it [the werewolf life-state] as well as other features allowing “The Sims” players to get their money’s worth when purchasing add-ons.

The latest release was “My Wedding Stories”. However, it was far from perfect and it raised questions about whether game developers could come up with better and new content.

Looking ahead, it remains to be seen if the Maxis developers can fix the bugs and offer New content. “The Sims 4” would release a new game pack that has yet to be named. There are also two kits that would be released in May or June.

The latest trailer for “The Sims 4” Twitter photo of @_WolfieSimmer_

Alicia R. Rucker