White House press briefing gets surprise visit from Easter Bunny, no egg roll amid COVID

An Easter Bunny made a surprise appearance on the White House balcony alongside US President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden during a press briefing. The pink bunny was also seen weaving at US Citizens alongside White House Secretary Jan Psaki as she delivered remarks, dressed in a blue dress wearing a face mask. Even as the US president has decided to forgo the annual tradition of the White House Easter egg roll, he has summoned the Easter Bunny to mark the holiday. The rabbit is none other than the US President’s military aide, Air Force Lt. Col. Brandon Westling. “We have a special guest, as you can see to my left here,” Biden says in his speech, as the Easter Bunny, Westling, jumps in the middle waving to the crowd excitedly.

Biden then thanked the White House Historical Association and the National Park Service for delivering thousands of memorial eggs to vaccination sites, communities and health centers across the United States. He then informs that, as many families were going through difficult times, battling the coronavirus disease, mourning the loss of a loved one or overcoming financial difficulties due to the loss of jobs, the White House abandoned its traditional roll. Easter eggs for sentimental reasons. for the second consecutive year.

“The virus has not gone away, and the second year in a row, most will be separated from families and friends in a full congregation,” Biden lamented. “But we will remember that with faith, hope and love, anything is possible,” he said, adding that next Easter he looks forward to the White House “ringing the bells of joy ” one more time.

“Come here, Easter Bunny,” the First Lady can be heard saying. Biden added that he would ensure that by next year the United States rebuilds and re-engages, adding “God protect our troops and take care of the Easter Bunny.”

‘A big next year,’ says Biden

The tradition of the White House imperial rolls was started by former US President Rutherford B. Hayes in 1878 and has since continued for many years until the coronavirus pandemic hit. The White House is calling a gathering of at least 30,000 children on the grounds of the White House to celebrate. When the Easter Bunny was introduced, White House press secretary Jan Psaki said: “It’s not quite the same. We’ll do a big one next year, but we still wanted to have a visitor and special commemorative Easter eggs for all of you from the President and First Lady.

(All images credit: AP)

Alicia R. Rucker