Whoops! A parent accidentally distributed Easter eggs filled with condoms to elementary school students

An Austin parent thought it would be fun to stop by her child’s elementary school last week dressed as an Easter bunny to hand out plastic eggs stuffed with treats. But the treats inside the eggs weren’t all age-appropriate – some of the children were given condoms rather than candy. Whoops!

The relative, who works in a pharmacy, had accidentally included some eggs from a safe sex event he had attended earlier in the day.

Since HuffPost:

According to a tweet thread among the parents, it seemed like an innocent mistake, according to the Chronicle.

One of the parents, who works in a pharmacy, had dressed up as an Easter bunny for a safe sex presentation at a local clinic. She kept the costume on when she arrived at school to pick up her second-grader and was immediately mobbed by children.

In response, the woman handed out candy-filled eggs. When she ran out she asked her husband for more and he apparently brought back some bad eggs.

While a straightforward, even humorous, confusion, it gave Texas Attorney General candidate George P. Bush a chance to flex his indignant snowflake muscles:

So much for the honest mistakes.

Alicia R. Rucker