Your Thanks: Ukrainian Easter Eggs | Letters

To the Editor: Between Mardi Gras and Easter, Carole Crompton and I embarked on a project based on our mutual love for making pysanky, or Ukrainian Easter eggs. We both recognized that this year, of all the many years we’ve made these unique and beautiful eggs, this year we had to do pysanky seriously, because popular legend has it that the fate of the world depends on the creation of pysanky . If this popular custom is abandoned, Evil, characterized as a serpent chained for eternity, will overwhelm the world. The making of pysanky is said to strengthen the snake’s chains, keeping the evil under control for another year. Carole and I felt that these chains were dangerously weak this year, especially in Ukraine, and so we got to work, making over 20 dozen eggs!

During these 48 days, we received help from Nora Gordon and GennaRose Nethercott, who provided some of their beautiful eggs to sell, as well as the Brattleboro Food Co-op, who provided packaging so that we could sell our eggs. We are grateful to Amy’s Bakery, Brattleboro Food Co-op, Winter Farmer’s Market and Guilford Community Church, as well as singing groups River Singers and Hallowell for providing venues for us to sell our eggs. We would also like to express our thanks to the Guilford Community Church for allowing us to hold six Pysanky workshops, and to Debra Zagaeski, the GCC secretary, for handling the finances. Finally, we are grateful to the countless people who bought eggs, who came to our workshops and contributed so generously!

In the end, $7,615 was raised for the International Rescue Committee, for humanitarian aid to Ukrainian refugees.

With deep gratitude to our amazing community who helped make this happen,

Robin Davis and Carol Crompton

Brattleboro, April 28

Alicia R. Rucker